10 Unknown Facts about Jeddah Tower-Finfowe

Jeddah tower or Kingdom Tower is known to be the worlds tallest buiilding which will supposed to be completed in 2020.

So today i am discussing 10 Interesting and unknown facts about Jeddah Tower/Kingdom Tower-The World's Tallest Building.


1-After Jeddah tower Construction completion,it will become 1st Sky Scraper to reach Height more than 1KM [1008M].

2-The Structure of this building is designed by an American Architecture Adrian Smith who also designed Currently World's Tallest Building Burj Khalifa in 2004. and Gordon Gill is also designing this building.

3-The Kingdom Tower Project will cost $20 Billion to complete.

4-Jeddah Tower Also has 98 Feet Balcony in Sky,which is mainly intended to be a Helipad.

5-This Building will require 80,000 Tons of steel for Construction.

6-They are unable to show the Whole Building in one rendering as the building is very huge and big.

7-Jeddah Tower has 59 Elevators and 12 Escalators.

8-Its Total area Comprises of 120 Acre. 

9- Its last floor is 168 which is ate 682 Meters above from Sea Level.

10-It will host Office,shops,Hotels etc and Homes,Flats For People Living. 

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