Earn Upto 40,000 PKR from Wi-Tribe Digital Partner App

Now you can earn money from Home just by making leads in Wi-Tribe Digital Partner App

Download WDP:WiTribe Digital Partner App

Sign up and verify your mobile number.

How to work and earn money?

Before reading how to work please read this: 

you dont need to invest money 
You Dont Need to be a hard work and have some skills.
You dont need PC .
You dont need to spend very much time.

All you need is just a Mobile Phone and Internet Connection.

You can earn money by referring WiTribe to your friends relatives and anyone.

For Example: you tell about WiTribe and then your friend agree to get a connection from witribe.if your friend gets a new connection from witribe then you will earn 800PKR [fixed] per Referred Connection.

how to add your referred connection?

tell your friend that please send me his/her 
email id
Package name and details

then you will have to send these details direct to WiTribe Support.

Thats it.

If your friend pays all the charges and bill and gets a successful connection,you will be rewarded 800 PKR 

What is the Maximum Amount i Can Earn ?

WDP has announced that you can earn a maximum of 40,000 PKR from home just by making leads.

and you can create 50 [Max] leads in a month.

How to get Payment?

Enter your Bank account details in the payment section of WDP app.
Currently WiTribe is Supporting only bank payments.


It has more than 10,000+ Downloads on the Google Play Store and a Rating of 4.2 based on 2016 Reviews.

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