How to add a Moving/Sliding Text effect in blogger

     How to add a Moving/Sliding Text effect in blogger 

Now you can add a Moving/sliding Text and image effect to your site with simple HTML Trick

Watch Live demo given below: 

Enter your text here

Top Features of adding Moving Text to your site: 

1-Makes your Site looks professional.
2-You do not need any HTML and CSS skills.
3-Free of Cost
4-Easy to setup and remove.
5-You can also add Moving Links,Images and banners.
6-one time setup required

so let me teach you how to add moving text,links and images to your blogger/blog.

How to add Moving Text to Your Blogger blog?

Step 1:  Go to Layout section of your blog.

then Click on add a Gadget[Wherever you want to show]

Step 2-Click on HTML/Java Script.

 Step 3-In the content box type

<marquee>type your text between here and then close the tag<marquee>

thats it.

see picture for more help.

Remember: no spaces allowed.

For example: i am adding YOUR TEXT APPEARS HERE.

 Now i have completed the marquee tag,click on save.

How to add sliding or moving images?

Step 1: Go to posts.Create a new post

Step 2: Upload picture from your PC. 

Step 3: Copy the HTML Code and paste it between <marquee. tags.

How to add Links to your images? 

Step 1 : Go to posts.Create a new post

Step 2: Upload picture from your PC. 

Step 3 : See picture. you have to remove the higlighted html and paste one yours.
<a href"your URL here"

And now anyone who clicks on your pic will go to that link that you have pasted in that highlighted section.

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