200 MM Rain Recored in Lahore on 3 July 2018- Finfowe

Today is very Rain day in Lahore Because 200 MM Rain Lively Recorded in Lahore,Pakistan.

Starting Time of Rain: 

Rain Started at Mid-Night at 1:30.

Recorded :
More than 200 MM Rain Recored. 91MM Rain Recorded In Airport area.

Current Temperature of City Lahore : 23'C 
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Wind Speed is between 18-21 km/h.

Humidity in the air: 93% 

Precipitation: 42% 

Weather is very awesome in lahore today but the humidity in the air is also very high that is 97%.

Things to avoid in Rain:

Do not touch Electricity Poles.

Do not Drive too Fast as it can Damage someone clothes walking on the Footpath.

Drive Carefully.

Do not apply Front wheel brake.[Prevents you from being slipped and fell down on the road.]