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Sunday, 19 August 2018

Get your free .OOO Domain Now-Finfowe

Today i am here with an amazing post.As we know that there is a new Domain launched that is .OOO
[dot triple O].
This is a unique domain and everyone wants to buy this domain but it is expensive than .com and other top level domains.

Main aim of web developer and blogger is to get approved by adsense but adsense does not approve free domains like .tk .cf .ga and .ml
But .ooo domain is trusted by adsense and they approve your account if you have a .ooo domain

Price of .ooo domain for 1 year is $17....But you can get it by free.

Top Features of .ooo domain: 
1- looks amazing
2- same alphabets are repeated
3- most growing and trending domain now a days.
4- Adsense compatible[you can get adsense  approval through this domain]

How to get your Free domain for 1 year:

Step 1-Go To registrar website and select your Domain name

Step 2-Comment below ''I WANT .OOO'' on this post

Step 3- We will inbox you your free .ooo domain.

Step 4-Manage your DNS.[we have no access to your domain]

If you do not know how to setup DNS its ok,we will do it for you for FREE.

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  1. Check your Inbox...your .ooo domain is waiting for DNS Setup...Share it with your friends

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