Top 3 Strange websites to visit when you are bored-Finfowe

If you are feeling bored and want to explore some Strange and cool websites,then you are at right place.

Today I will discuss 3 websites that will make you amazed.These websites have gone so Viral so that i have picked the Top 3 sites for you.


Zoomquit is an amazing site developed by Nikolaus Baumgarten in 2004.The main aim of this site is still not known.

What happens when you Visit this site: 

When you type address and hit Enter,there is an image showing to you which keeps zoom in and in.Developer called this as THE INFINITY ZOOM.

It keeps on zooming in and in.


This is a strange site where you can place pointer any where on the screen and the website shows you a picture in which someone is pointing towards your Cursor/pointer.
This site is developed by Jonathen Pucky. 
Everytime you change your cursor on the site and the site shows you different image which looks amazing.


3-Essay typer
If you are a student and you got a assignment to write an essay on any topic,then this website will prove very helpful for you.

Open this site,and enter you topic name,it will redirect you to another page.

Now you just have to type any button.For example press any key on the keyboard and the essay will start writing automatically.

Good or not? 

You do not need to make an account or a high speed Internet connection.All you have to do is just Type the address and hit enter.