2415 Hours video uploaded on youtube on 11th December-Youtube Longest Video 2415 Hours - Finfowe

Flare TV video becomes the Longest video of youtube with more than 2400+ Hours.Before that this record is by a video with 596 Hours,but Flare TV beat the record with a large margin.

How it Happens? 

Flare TV,a Youtube channel started a Live stream on September 1 2018,regarding about PEWDIEPIE AND T-SERIES LIVE SUBSCRIBERS COUNT.

The stream continues to 11th December 2018.So that This video becomes the Most Longest video of Youtube.

             As  you can see here,the duration is 2415 Hours
Video stats:
Total 116,834,882 views
128K Dislikes
Duration 2415:06:19

You can watch this video HERE

Flare TV grow rapidly just from this stream,this channel has got 400K Subscribers and 75M views in the last 30 Days just from this LIVE stream

Before starting this stream,Flare TV is at 5.2K Subscribers but now Flare TV has 702K subscribers.

People including me are also waiting when this stream will end,Finally the stream which started on Sep. 1 ended on 11th Dec.

Wait.wait. Flare tv has also started a NEW live stream about same TITLE